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Deutsche Bank: “don’t wait for the iPhone 8 this year”

Over the past few months analysts and network sources say that in 2017 Apple will present not two, but three models of the new iPhone. This fall together with iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus rumored to debut a radical new iPhone 8. However, Deutsche Bank citing informed insider claims that the anniversary of the “eight” this year we will not see.

“Reports suggest that no new iPhone 8 in this calendar year will not. As we wrote in the previous report, several sources in the supply chain claim that the shortage of basic components and technical difficulties forced Apple to postpone the release of the premium iPhone 8 this year. We believe that this report adds yet more uncertainty about the timing of the release of the next generation iPhone,” write the experts of the largest commercial Bank in Germany.

Earlier Fudzilla edition, citing its own sources reported that Foxconn has received an order for the production of two new models: the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus. And iPhone 8 among them. And since Foxconn is a major contract assembler of mobile devices a California Corporation, it’s unlikely that Apple has entrusted the release of the iPhone 8 to another manufacturer.

Foxconn will begin to get packaging materials for the new iPhone at the end of next month. In terms of what “Apple” giant will begin shipments of iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus not specified.

It is worth noting that the iPhone 8 was supposed to be the first Apple smartphone with OLED display and wireless charging. He, as claimed by the sources, was able to obtain a glass body with steel frame, double main camera, and a built-in screen fingerprint scanner.

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