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Details revealed Quad-core processor Apple A9 in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Despite the fact that the announcement of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus took place on Wednesday, some features of new products are still under a veil of secrecy. Such secrets until recently belonged characteristics single-chip platform Apple A9 processor, and RAM new flagships.

According to today’s leak, Apple A9 platform includes a Quad-core processor with two clusters of cores, one of which operates at a frequency of 1.7 GHz and the other at 1.2 GHz. When the load almost all the time will be working with the older kernel, and the youngest to connect (replacing the older) when the first frequency falls below a certain level. Moreover, the frequency of the youngest cluster is always maximum. This configuration will increase the battery life of the iPhone and iPad.

As for RAM smartphones, Apple is not stingy, and increased it to 2 GB, which is twice more than its predecessors.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6s could not fit the battery remain capacity. If iPhone 6 were used, the power module at 1810 mAh, the new flagship is just at 1715 mAh. Relative same difference, judging by previous leaks, the iPhone 6s Plus: it has a battery 2750 mAh, while the iPhone 6 Plus was the battery at 2910 mAh.

The main version is that the reduction in physical size of the battery needed to accommodate the iPhone 6s system 3D Touch and called the taptic Engine for the new display, which is able to respond to different power taps. If you believe the information on the Apple website, reducing the battery does not effect the performance and uptime of the new smartphone, which is probably due to using a new single-chip platform.

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