Details in the details: BMW updated the 5 Series

Details in the details: BMW updated the 5 Series

BMW has shown the new "five". And if at first glance there are not so many updates, then comparisons begin to show changes: the optics have become more minimalistic, which at the same time makes it more futuristic, the air intakes have become more aggressive.


The main update was optics. At least, it is she who attracts the most attention. Let me show you an example of the new M550i:

So, for comparison, the old "five" in the same version looks like. It has been produced since 2017:

The air intakes around the edges of the bumper have become larger. Changed and grille. She has now become faceted:

But the old and new versions of the BMW 530e xDrive, respectively:

The interior has also changed slightly. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the digital "tidy", as well as a slightly updated arrangement of buttons on the steering wheel:

BMW has also improved sports seats, updated the multimedia operating system. The navigator in the new "five" began to work faster than the previous version.

In general, the car has become slightly larger due to new bumpers. The sedan became longer by 27 mm, and the wagon – by 21. By the way, about the wagon:

But, alas, he will not reach Russia.


Buyers of the "five" will be able to choose between a passive suspension and a suspension with active shock absorbers. Will be available for selection and a fully-controlled chassis, as well as a suspension with active anti-roll bars.

I will consider only models for the Russian market. There are not so many changes. For example, the 530i xDrive still produces 249 liters. with. at 350 Nm, 540i xDrive – 340 l. with. at 450 Nm. However, there are improvements.

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For example, updated 530d xDrive and M550i xDrive. The first received a three-liter engine of the same power (249 hp), but on the other hand, its torque increased from 620 to 650 Nm. But the M550i xDrive has changed notably: a 4.4-liter engine produces 530 liters. with. at 750 Nm of torque (it was 464 hp and 650 Nm).

The cheapest will be rear-wheel drive 520i and 520d. These are two-liter engines. In the first case, it is a 184 liter gasoline engine. with. at 290 Nm, in the second – 190 liter diesel. with. and 400 Nm. The latest engine has an all-wheel drive version of the 520d xDrive.

Not without losses: the all-wheel drive diesel M550d xDrive is now unavailable in Russia.

All diesel engines now have a two-stage boost.

The changes also affected the eight-speed ZF – it was facilitated, and the gear ratios were reconfigured. All this should make this box more responsive. By the way, this version will receive all versions of the "five" without exception.

But in Europe the choice is more extensive. For example, all versions except the hybrid are equipped with a 48-volt starter-generator. It gives the cars an extra 11 liters. with. They will not be available in Russia.

Hybrid 530e, 530e xDrive, as well as 545e xDrive will not reach us. There will be no 540d xDrive diesel.


Here is the official Russian price list:

Russian price
Rear wheel drive petrol 520i
2.0 liters, 184 liters with. at 290 Nm
3.47 million rubles
520d rear wheel diesel
2.0 liters, 190 liters with. at 400 Nm
3.58 million rubles
520d xDrive all-wheel drive diesel
2.0 liters, 190 liters with. at 400 Nm
3,7 million rubles
All-wheel drive petrol 530i xDrive
2.0 liters, 249 liters with. at 350 Nm
3.93 million rubles
530d xDrive all-wheel drive diesel
3.0 liters, 249 liters with. at 650 Nm
4.34 million rubles
All-wheel drive petrol 540i xDrive
3.0 liters, 340 liters with. at 450 Nm
4.38 million rubles
All-wheel drive petrol M550i xDrive
4.4 liters, 530 liters with. at 750 Nm
6.18 million rubles

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In Europe, the first buyers will receive the updated “five” in August, but it is still unknown when the car will go on sale in Russia.

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