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Details became known about one more revolutionary feature of the iPhone 8

iPhone stand out of Android smartphones, among other things, a high-quality camera for capturing photos and videos. This is not surprising, because over the camera, “Apple” smartphone has a large staff of experts. A few years ago, Apple CEO Tim cook said that this team consists of 800 employees, now probably more. According to rumors, Apple is developing a new camera for the iPhone 8 that will allow you to create 3D photos and identify the users by face. But as it turns out, is not the only innovative feature in the upcoming smartphone.

Another interesting innovation in iPhone 8 has been disclosed due to iOS 11. The discovery was made by experts who have studied presented at WWDC a system of Core ML, which is able to learn with the help of artificial intelligence, so that can recognize faces in photos “six times faster than the competition”. Thanks to a new framework in iPhone 8 will be able to recognize the objects that are in front of the camera of the smartphone.

Now the Apple device does not know the difference between a hammer, a smartphone and a hot dog. But thanks to the Core of ML, they can easily cope with this task. Programmer Chris Greening was able to “teach” your iPhone to recognize things that fall under the scope of the camera in seconds.

The developer has connected the camera to the iPhone an open platform machine learning Apple, which works on technology Vision Kit. Greening has described a stepwise process for creating code in your blog.

In the video you can notice that in most cases, the gadget can recognize the correct things: he learned the screwdriver a bottle and a ruler. Tellingly, the software recognizes the iPhone as a device from Apple, but it is 90% sure it’s the iPod. Among other proposed options: phone, modem, and speaker. For a tool that performs processing on a smartphone without sending data to the server, this is a great result.

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These services were demonstrated many years ago. But the real working software that really could be used in everyday life, just walking down the street, until it was. Maybe iPhone 8 will be the first.

The announcement of a new anniversary flagship Apple is expected on September 17. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 8 might be delayed until October 2017. It remains to wait.

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