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Desire – black and white Splin

Renowned American Director Richard Linklater 11 years filming his Oscar-winning film “Boyhood”: the whole time the camera was recording real moments of formation at first the young and then grown up of Ellar Coltrane. The viewer is in less than three hours watched growing up, a typical teenager from the suburbs of America: parental divorce, studies, Hobbies, stepfather, girls, College. Game Desire, I think, did less than 11 years old, but she’s about the same – how boys become men. On the one, true, detail – Desire the main character sees the world in black and white. Literally.

From Desiree (the game is named after the lead character) a radical form of monochromacy – it does not distinguish other colours than black and white. This feature affects the behavior of a teenager: when we observe the start of its history, in 1992, the guy has been asked life. Teasing at school, the teacher did not understand why all draw the sun, and Desiree no, the girls turn away, and turn up in the yard. Not everything went smoothly and the house: the father had locked himself in the darkroom and takes pictures, both aunt out of his mind, the mother all the time at work, and brother is not a stupid Jock – naturally attracts the whole family love. Desiree – a renegade, lost in themselves and in time people not of this world.

But he wants to live. Perhaps that is why the game is made in the format of a quest (well, for other commercial reasons) – to exist through the difficulties. Problems in Desire, by the way, complex, and, so to speak, of the classic the quest of the school – sometimes, as in 1992, three hours to wander through two rooms before you figure out what to do. But the logic of events is, almost always, not forget that initially on the screen – the world of a teenager, with all the ensuing. For example, to reason with the vile bully you, photographing it in a public toilet: a badass in one hand holds an erotic poster, and the other… Well, doesn’t matter.

As they grow up Desiree you are increasingly likely to observe how people, something different from the rest, falls out of the public system and how the system itself doesn’t deserve her the slightest indulgence. Desiree is surrounded by people, constantly thinking about the consumption, money, social markers and the fun; the guy in the middle of it just boring. All his life he will pass on the counter, catching glances of hatred – and you are invited to sit in the passenger seat with a dozen hours. Not everyone will reach the final stop – play Desire, after all, boring – but the ending pays off a lot. In the end, this is plot work, and feel only when he reached the end, having lived for the next few days miserable, but rich life of a child with visual impairments.

Desire will cost 300 rubles, and not everyone, of course, willing to pay money for something to get in the head of a huge dose of spleen – the game is in fact very pessimistic. But the inexplicable pull of a man to grief (especially Russian), I think, will push in the right direction; until that Desire is rapidly gaining bundles of positive reviews and marks the indie discovery of the year.

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