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Designers and developers redraw the popular app for iPhone 8

Designers and developers redraw the popular app-based iPhone 8, found in the HomePod firmware.

Designer Maxim Petrov tried to rethink the popular app such as Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

How some of your fav apps might look like on the iPhone 8. #iPhone8 #ui. Based on info leaked by @stroughtonsmith @Spotify @instagram @twitter

— Maksim Petriv (@talkaboutdesign) 10 Aug 2017

He also recreated the lock screen that does not have a virtual Home button, App Store and Siri.

Source file as promised. Happy designing. #iphone8 8 iPhone UI Template File by @talkaboutdesign:

— Maksim Petriv (@talkaboutdesign) 10 Aug 2017

Another picture shows Maxim video player iOS 11 on iPhone 8. It is also worth noting that the Home button is hidden on these pictures, during playback.

Some of you asked if I did landscape mockups. Here is a video player mockup. Home button hidden until he rest of the controls are visible.

— Maksim Petriv (@talkaboutdesign) 10 Aug 2017

However, the majority of photos and videos contrary to a recent statement by Steven Troughton Smith that virtual Home button the iPhone will be able to change size and to hide, if not currently needed by the user.

Later he supplemented his statement by saying that by default, the Home button will always appear, and that it disappeared automatically, developers will need to tweak the code of the application. He also suggested that Apple will make symmetrical cut-outs on top and bottom, but this is unlikely.


— Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) 11 Aug 2017

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Source: Business Insider

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