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Designer Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar left Apple to Tesla after the Creator of Swift

Devotes years to the design of Apple products Matt Casbolt left the company to focus on creating electric cars in a Tesla Motors. At the same time it left the company developer of the programming language Swift Chris Lattner.

Matt Casbolt participated in the design of many models of Mac computers. He worked on the first MacBook Air, updated workstation Mac Pro and the new MacBook Pro laptop c panel with Touch Bar. The name of Casbolt provided at least 52 patents of Apple.

Tesla specialist senior Vice-President, arrangements and engineering. It is likely, the new place of work Casbolt will work together with the former head of Apple’s hardware direction of development Doug Field, who now holds the post of Vice-President of Tesla for engineering machines.

Matt Casbolt was not the only loss Apple for the last time. Also it became known about dismissal of the Creator of the programming language Swift, which created applications for the iPhone and iPad, Chris Lattner. Latter will become Vice President of the division for the development of software for the autopilot.

Simultaneously with Casbolt and Lattera Apple left the Director of the machine learning Daniel gross. According to TechCrunch, the gross proceeds as a partner in the venture Fund Y Combinator, which supports small companies in the field of information technology. In an interview he admitted that in the future would like to return to startups.

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