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Designer from Vienna turned my portfolio in paper MacBook

A designer’s portfolio is his calling card, and perhaps primary way to find customers. The customer, looking at the work of a creative person, assesses not only the collection, but also the form of his labors. This is especially true for designers, because the portfolio will be judged on his work and potentials.

Fashion designer from Vienna, Eva dice, a fan of Apple, decided to create a portfolio in the form of a MacBook. Folder with examples of the work of eve looks like an “Apple” laptop in its natural size, and its first page is decorated as the login screen in OS X with photos of the designer and password.

Inside the “MacBook” – a few dozen pages with the artist. Each looks like a Mac desktop. There is a status bar and the window of the application. The bottom dock icons. In the dock icon is highlighted, which is directly related to the work – Safari, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

The designer is confident that such a method of presentation of work differ from others and demonstrate her personal and creative potential.

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