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Designer from Turkey suggested the Apple concept portable charger for Apple Watch

Design Studio from Turkey InnovationBox, prepared a concept for a portable wireless charging for the Apple Watch. Accessory must solve the problem of maintaining the charge level of the battery of the gadget on long trips and travel.

It is no secret that especially for their smart watches, Apple has created a solution that combines our MagSafe technology with inductive charging. It is a completely closed system without external contacts. The system is very unpretentious and does not require fine tuning. Just need to hold the connector near the back of the watch, and thanks to the magnets it will automatically snap into place.

The decision itself, however, is not portable. To the pad, attached to a long cord, which cannot be detached, for example, during transportation. The proposal InnovationBox is to create a more compact charger, which is made in the form of a memory stick with inductive power supply to the swivel mechanism. When you need to charge the Apple Watch, it is enough to get the “dongle” from his pocket, connect it to an available USB port and place on top of Apple Watch.

“We realized that the original Apple charger is not as compact and easy to carry, says the Caner Yıldırım, a leading designer InnovationBox. – At the same time the Apple Watch runs out of power very quickly. So we decided to offer Apple to release more small and compact charger”.

Adapter InnovationBox has a symmetric connector that allows to connect it to the USB port of any party. Tilt mechanism enables one-click to position the contact pad in the desired position.

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