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Designed disposable batteries for iPhone

We never have enough battery in our smartphones. Some people prefer to put up with this fact, and someone gets external power sources to recharge the device energy. Battery backup is really important for many users, so there was a special one-time additional battery Powrtabs.

Powrtabs is a device for active mobile users who do not want to depend on the presence or absence of electrical outlets available in the vicinity. As the developers say, the external battery will allow us to have energy with him even in the most difficult moments of life.

Powrtabs do not require pre-charging, as they are equipped with batteries that provide up to four hours additional of the smartphone on iOS or Android. Batteries have a shelf life of five years, which makes them ideal for car glove compartments. You can just throw the device in the car and use it when needed.

Housing battery Powrtabs created from recycled and easy to decompose under natural conditions.

Order set of 12 external battery Powrtabs on the website of the manufacturer for $50.

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