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Deputy chief designer of Apple named most creative people in the industry

For any idea that drives the company forward and helps to establish almost kinship with the consumer, there is a team of professionals, design guru and genius of technological progress. In the ranking of the 100 most creative people in business Adweek became two of the leading designer of Apple, replacing Jonathan Quince.

Vice-presidents, a California Corporation Richard Howard and Alan Daya, were named the most talented people in the industry. In the top 100 selected employees only global producers – those who, because of their sometimes revolutionary ideas not only helps to refresh their strategies, but also to some extent change the world, thanks to new products and social initiatives.

“Although Tim cook and Jonathan Ive and are more famous people in the Apple, real couple behind Apple products is Richard Howard and Alan Give. Took not so long ago, their positions, they received the task to create the next generation of Apple devices,” noted the authors of the rating.

In may of this year, the design Apple guru Jonathan Ive, recent years are responsible for the appearance of not only the iPhone and Mac, but also interfaces to the software, got a new post. He was promoted from senior Vice President to chief Director of design. Richard Howard and Alan Daya began to oversee industrial design and be responsible for the user interface accordingly.

In his new position Ive takes less organizational routine and dedicating more time directly to the design. Now he is responsible not only for the appearance of individual products, but for the whole visual part of the Apple business, and perform more mundane matters Howard and Give.

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