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Defenders: popular file sharing sites used FSB to spy on users

Roskomnadzor has made known services to Depositfiles Hitfile and Turbobit Wayupload in the register of organisers of dissemination of information, said the publication of the public organization “Roskomsvoboda”. Thus, they transmit user data to the security services, otherwise they would be blocked in Russia.

Multiple sites that are owned by foreign companies and Songul Corporation MINDPORT GLOBAL LTD, included in a special Register of the organizers of disseminating information. They are portals,,,,, and

The experts did not fail to remind that these people, trapped in the portal registry can be accessed by third parties. According to the law, which came into force from August 2014, “organizer of information dissemination is required to collect, store and provide information about user activity on your website to the authorized state agencies”.

Thus, the website is obliged to give the competent authorities access to data and contacts, information on the number and volume of messages, authentication via third-party services and the exact time of visits. In July 2017 will come into force the “Spring Package”, after which the organizers of the information entered in the register will be obliged to provide correspondence and personal files, on request of the security services.

“Roskomsvoboda” claims that the register at the direction of the FSB enter the sites only after the consent of the owners of the service or entity. the Organization said that voluntary entry into the register indicated by the lack of blocking of the service on the territory of Russia. Otherwise, without fulfilling the requirements of the legislation DepositFiles, HitFile, Turbobit and Wayupload would be blocked.

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The first service of a foreign legal entity entered in the register, became a Swiss messaging app Threema. The register also included such Russian Internet company, Yandex, Vkontakte and Mail.Ru Group.

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