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Dead Effect 2 – dead space

The first part of Dead Effect light caused a furor. Judge for yourself – a shooter with incredible graphics that unambiguously refers to known console cosmic horror, and even shareware! Truly a rare combination. Of course, the game couldn’t screw the sequel; the first part of Dead Effect was a hit, so the second will also. But will it? And there will be enough fuse Dead Effect 2, to make a statement – what is perhaps the overheated market of zombie games? Questions.

Contrary to popular (and correct) notion that in fritupley game there is no clear narrative in Dead Effect 2 has a plot and quite a standard shooter structure. The hero wakes up on the operating table, under the enchanting voice of a stranger. The voice will soon be the pretty blonde that explains that around – the spaceship overrun by zombies. Taking the huge African-American engineer and a doctor with a Slavic accent, the whole company is locked in a mysterious room.

This room is our headquarters. There you can exchange a word with the team, buy new weapons and, of course, to get a new mission. In the same room is a holographic model of the ship by clicking on it, you will be transported to the selection screen missions: clear and understandable tasks, due to extensive briefings. Extremely unusual element of the game for such an extension. Remember – when was the last time you saw a shareware game in a normal scenario? Basically games are divided into many loosely connected levels; and there is a real story. This is a more important matter than you may think – people have long been struggling how to cross a classic boxed game with game model. The authors of Dead Effect 2 seems to have invented.

The thing is that the money is there to spend only in this very room: for new weapons, implants or perks. All of this can earn quite the game, but if there is no desire or treacherously trembling sight, please – buy, improve and not suffer.
On the battlefield, however, difficult to be trapped. First, the character shoots himself – we just have to put the crosshairs on rotten guy. Second, most zombies are slow and stupid. Thirdly, cartridges lying around everywhere and the Cabinet, restoring health. You can lose, especially in the later levels – but will have to try.

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Another issue is that until the late levels still have to get – and it’s not so easy. Constructing a decent system of narrative, the developers did the game itself. Almost every job – find the close interweaving of the generator room and turn it on. On or off. Game design originating from the early 90’s- and no, in this case it’s not a compliment. To play simply boring – how much can you run through the musty corridors, shoot at these poor zombies and equal citizens, and then return to the secret room? Here-here.

Doubly sad that it looks Dead Effect 2 is amazing. It looked like about AAA games on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2008-2010 Beautiful light falling on the machine, clearly falling apart on spare parts zombie, real smoke coming out of the fan holes. Dead Effect 2 is very beautiful – but the technology is worth nothing, for the sake of technology.

Shoot interesting, but in moderation – just as exciting to shoot any other mobile shooter of the same class. The whole RPG system is interesting, but totally secondary. The script is, but all these stories about zombie tired in the last century. In the balance – a stunning look and a no, but the level of the team. Ah, Yes – another free. Perhaps for many this will be the deciding factor.

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