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David Guetta, Drake, and Pharrell Williams will be the DJ’s new music service Apple

Apple continues to recruit the best professionals in anticipation of the launch of his new sweat Apple Music service. According to informed sources, the company is discussing the possibility of working on the service with David Guetta, Drake and Pharrell.

Famous musician and producer David Guetta and rappers Drake and Pharrell Williams will be guest DJs. Currently, the parties are discussing the financial side of the question. According to some, the amount of the contract with Drake will be $19 million.

Earlier it became known that Apple has not agreed with the record labels about lower compared to our competitors in the subscription price. Month of unlimited access to the music catalog will be worth $ 10. The same number of paying users of Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody and other services. According to analysts, this time California giant acts as a catch that does not allow him to dictate terms.

Apple introduced its new Apple Beats streaming music on the March event, as it was expected before. The departure of key staff and the need to develop Android applications forced the company to postpone the launch. According to some reports, the project will be officially presented on June 8 at the worldwide developer conference (WWDC 2015). The product will be integrated with iTunes and will support cloud-based library, as well as the advanced system of recommendations based on user preferences.

Early in the year, Apple was invited to participate in the project of the famous British DJ and radio presenter Zane Lowe and the Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. Last rumored to be developing the design of the application streaming service. In addition to a new interface client Apple Music will include social service for musicians where they can communicate with their fans, lay tracks, photos, music videos.

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Release Apple Beats will be held simultaneously with the release of a new version of iOS (possibly under No. 8.4 or 9.0). In it, Apple will do a great job on the bugs, greatly increasing the stability of the system. The new music service will be available in app form for iOS and Android Mac app and the web version. The product will come to Apple TV.

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