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Data Apple Health helped in a murder investigation

App Apple Health, which is part of a package of standard software on the iPhone, helped in the murder investigation of a woman. About this soobshaet BBC.

Apple Health records health information, including number of steps, sleep cycles and heart rate. These indicators are used by police as evidence in the trial. The case involves a rape and murder. The victim was a 19-year-old student Maria Ladenburger. She was found drowned in the river Dreisam in October 2016 and September 2016 in the district court in the German city of Freiburg began the trial. The suspect is a refugee Hussein K., it found traces of DNA left at the crime scene.

The suspect handed over his phone to law enforcement, but it turned out to be called PIN code, so the police had to take the help of a private firm from Munich to hack the device.

Having access to the device, they compared the app’s performance Apple Health and location data. The application determined that the suspect being in the area of the river Dreisam, subjected my body to stresses, comparable with the “climbing stairs”. Police speculated that at this time he moved the body and conducted an investigative experiment, which confirmed their hunch.

Hussein accused To plead guilty, but continues to challenge some of the details.

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