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Dane received terrible burns from using Apple Watch

Danish news site Ekstra Bladet spoke about the Apple Watch owner, who suffered serious burns as a result of wearing the device. He currently awaits the results of the investigation done by the Apple experts.

Danish citizen claims to have suffered burns from the Apple Watch. According to Jorgen Mouritsen, his watch suddenly glowed on his wrist. Moreover, no external sources effects of fire or electricity – was not around. When he opened the watch, I saw that part of his wrist under the strap was burnt.

“My hand was in the air, I suddenly felt a sharp pain, said jørgen of Mouritzen. And next to me there was nothing that could cause heat – fire or voltage”.

The Dane took the Apple Watch to the nearest Apple Store, but company representatives have stated that they will not refund the money pending investigation. At the moment specialists are studying the problem instance hours.

The Dane was not the only one affected by Apple Watch. In September resident Canada also suffered burns from a smart watch. According to her, the clock has overheated in the sun and burned her wrist. She complained to Apple, but company representatives said that the woman misused their products.

Annie Joan waited for letters from the representatives of Apple with the results of the examination. It said that it probably violated the rules of operation of the device. “They said that I was wearing them incorrectly – too tight a strap,” said the woman. In addition, Apple employees noted that some of the materials from which made the clock, in some cases can cause an allergic reaction.

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