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Dancing Santa Claus made a 12-inch MacBook from a store in Georgia [video]

The dancing man dressed as Santa Claus carried a 12-inch MacBook from the salon is the official reseller of Apple in Tbilisi, Georgia. Footage from surveillance cameras installed in the store, show the time of the theft expensive devices.

The theft of a MacBook criminal case. The investigation leads the police Saburtalo district of Tbilisi.

Shop with iPlus, in which the theft occurred, specializiruetsya on the sale of Apple technology. The company has already announced a reward for help in catching the attacker. For information on the whereabouts of the promise to give iPhone.

Video surveillance is being actively discussed in social networks, where some users expressed doubt as to its authenticity, suggesting that the video was filmed in a “strange” format for the purpose of advertising of a trading network.

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