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DaisyDisk: the best solution for cleaning from trash Mac

For the Mac, choose Apple computers? Probably for ease of use, built-in app store, a reliable malware protection that does not require installing additional antivirus. Despite all the advantages of OS X, even, almost perfect, the devices require regular cleaning. And we are not talking about wiping cloth display or “Apple” on the rear panel. I mean cleaning the operating system from unnecessary information and useless garbage that regularly fills up the SSD. Of course, an essential element for the maintenance of any Mac is to remove all kinds of files that are taking up valuable space and there are a number of specialized programs.

Veterans recommend to use the standard Finder app, carefully installed on the computer manufacturer. Although a stock program itself is quite able to perform its tasks, it is not the best analyses available space to remove and store the files.

On the virtual shelves of the Mac App Store is almost ideal for this purpose an app called DaisyDisk. The solution allows to qualitatively raise the level of management of space on the computer drive. For 600 rubles, the user receives useful working tool with comfortable and nice looking interface.

The developers constantly support his child and regularly update the program. For example, recently released the fourth version of DaisyDisk. Among other innovations worth mentioning completely redesigned UI in accordance with OS X Yosemite, increased to 20 times the speed of scanning of disk space, and, importantly, reduction of consumed in the process of working memory.

In order to fully verify the files on the drive, DaisyDisk previously required about 2 minutes. After updating this requires a matter of seconds. (It should be borne in mind in order to feel the difference in speed, you need the device to the SSD and the latest 4-core processor).

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Once you start DaisyDisk, you will be offered a chart that demonstrates files including need and not on your Mac. Running a search on the file system, brought to full automation utility, select the unwanted software and will deliver results. You will only have to remove the entire “tripe”, which occupied the place and slow down the system.

I think many would agree that working on the littered computer – a living hell. But using DaisyDisk, you will again remember those times when your MacBook was quite new and clean in all respects. You do not need every day to run the program, but the price is 599 in wooden forever will justify the investment.

What kind of applications to clean your Mac are you? Share in the comments.

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