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Cyrus Installer for iOS 10 allows you to install tweaks without jailbreak

New app for iOS 10 and iOS 11 is a store tweaks working on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak. The decision to install unofficial applications have received the name of Cyrus Installer.

To work with Cyrus is not necessary to perform the procedure of hacking a mobile device and install Cydia. Thus, with the help of this store, you can use missing in the official App Store developments, as in the case of the jailbreak Takami. For example, you can use the GBA4iOS emulator, PPSSPP, Happy Chick, install Kodi and a modified version of Plex, torrent Downloader iTransmission, solution for cleaning applications from “junk” iCleaner and others. The user can remove the restriction on the number of sent images in WhatsApp, add to Instagram or Vine button to save photo in memory of the mobile device.

Application Installer in Cyrus sorted in five categories: “Emulators”, “Entertainment”, “Social networking”, “Hacked apps” and “Other.”

The service works as follows. The iPhone and iPad need to go to the website Installer Cyrus, sign up for the service, be installed on the device profile. After that on home screen will display the app icon. Then everything is simple: open Cyrus, go to the Apps tab and select the desired application. After installing the “tweak” on the home screen will appear the icon of the new app with the sign “+” in the title.”Improved” can be used in the same way as usual. This original program will work.

Cyrus Installer to be called Cydia. Utility does not allow, for example, to change the notification Center or control room or change a theme in Winterboard style. However, the new product opens up new opportunities for developers and owners of iPhone and iPad.

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Due to the nature of work Cyrus Installer from the authors of the program, there are concerns that Apple will block the service. However, the creators of the store are determined to develop the project. To install Cyrus Installer you need to go to the website

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