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Crystalux. New Discovery puzzle with crystals

Raise your hand, who’s got the crystals in mobile games are strongly associated with match-3. So, of course – as expected. Well, no one to blame in faith to stereotypes is impossible. But not this time! Despite the name, looks more like a classic Crystalux puzzle, only much brighter and more exciting. The stones are shiny and shimmering rays play on the digital light, as if inviting: come on, go for it.

The game to the fullest engages abstract thinking. In fact, you collect a picture or a pattern of scattered hexagons of the crystals. The elements inside the hexagon are different, but perfectly interact with each other: you need to attach the crystals to one another. Roughly speaking, if one piece of crystal rests down, and the other, of the same colour, looks up – this couple can be joined. In General, you need to play in a sort of Domino, where instead of knuckles – shining jewels. And ends when the next level starts natural riot of colors – in General, eyes do not tear.

The first few levels are a great success – change a couple of hexagons, all things considered, cool. But then begins is a good puzzle hell: the field is large, parts are many, they all are; go and gather. This Crystalux and captivating, the game does not consider you an idiot, and does not hesitate to load on the full. But when another set of crystals will be straight and properly aligned, you will experience an unprecedented moral satisfaction could sdyuzhil. Well, the aesthetics, of course – look exactly shining jewels, intricately laid out in any shape that pleases the inner perfectionist.

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In Crystalux an incredible number of levels, which, moreover, is divided into several parts. There are basic – here you just need to attach the crystals, and sometimes fight with the bosses (Yes, the game has such an element). Is advanced – it will open only after 30 passed “level”: untrained people should not be allowed in there. And there is a high end, absolutely for pasamonikow and obsessed with – go in there and just disappear for the whole day.

Other enjoyable moments – Crystalux is free to download, and great progress is synced between devices. So if you are thinking to try this game or not — definitely download and try.

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