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CrocoDie the application will warn the motorist of the approaching tow truck

Russian developers have launched a service that will allow drivers to avoid the evacuation of the machine, if it is wrong or not parked there. The application anteevaluation called CrocoDie.

The idea of service is simple: the drivers themselves and pedestrians to warn each other that in a particular region began to work “green crocodiles” – so called capital of tow trucks from the Moscow Parking space for their color and predatory habits.

The user downloads the smartphone “anticreative” app and gets the opportunity to inform other drivers about work in your area of malevolent technology. And he himself will get notification that the tow trucks began to hunt in his area. Thus, a person has time to jump out of the office, a cafe, a break from the meeting to move your car out of the danger zone.

Service, of course, not free. Depending on the subscription period day, month, year – the price varies. Per month $ 169, the annual service will cost the car owner to 1600 rubles. Compared with the evacuation cost is a penny. In addition, if the car owner didn’t get the message about the danger and his car was towed, the service shall reimburse him the costs of the evacuation.

According to the rules of service of the one who first sent a notification about the services of moving, receives a small monetary reward. This information must contain not only the address but also a photo or video of the work “crocodile”.

As told by the creators of the project, in Moscow the service is started from August 2015. After a month, similar services started to appear in the Moscow region. And last Monday it was extended to Kazan, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod and Saratov. During this time, was made of 16,000 units. That is 16,000 people put this app on their smartphones. With 3 500 use the app regularly. It is noteworthy that neither in one case the project did not have to reimburse the money for the evacuation.

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CrocoDie the app is already available for Android devices, the iOS version will be released soon.

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