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“Criminal Russia” – all the news about the crime in one place

At all times, unfortunately, crime went hand in hand with the development of society – even in the most ancient times, even when no concept of “crime” did not exist. Of course, Russia is no exception, and, perhaps, on the contrary, collapsed in this slippery pit from which it is still struggling to recover – we all remember the frankly thuggish ‘ 90s, significantly affecting public Outlook. Therefore, the crime in Russia is a bit more important and sensitive issue than in other States. This fact can be safely ignore and not to notice, but easier this does not become – so if you decided to keep yourself updated about what is happening “behind the scenes” of expensive offices and large doors, we now describe the where is the best place to do it.

The website “Criminal Russia” – it is a vast media about what crime is happening in our country; publication of frequently quoting and paraphrasing, in addition, the employees of the portal often brings the exclusives, which are then rustle in some circles. Alas, the website is often blocked, so if you’re not handy with a VPN or TOR, instead of the materials on crime – see the error message. To avoid this unpleasant spectacle, and just to make your life easier, you can download a special application: there is a version for iOS and Android.

The app comes just like that, without any dances with anonymizers is the first plus. The rest you will immediately get access to content that is implemented on the system “all in one”. In fact, the names of headings speak for themselves: there is “Corruption”, “Government agencies”, “Smuggling”, “Raider” and stuff like that. No shadow activity of common criminals or officials will not escape the attention of “Criminal Russia” and, accordingly, your.

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The materials on the website, tend to be as of a different nature from the usual news to a huge exclusive investigations, which you can read for hours. The authors clearly focused on the universal circumference, and everyone will find – you can briefly browse the news, and you can read the publication as a full-fledged encyclopedia – albeit dedicated to not the most pleasant in the industry.

Other interesting topics that are sewn into the app is a “high-profile case” and “Personality”. First – a sensational anthology of crime, from the most famous and old, to a quite unexpected – but still in some degree interesting. The second – actually, one of the reasons regular locks in this section you can read a relatively true biography of many well-known officials, businessmen and politicians.

Many who first hears about publications of this kind, there is a logical question – why read about it? Why fill yourself with negativity, which is full, one has only to stick his head from under the blanket. Actually, for this and need to know what’s happening on the streets and in the offices; to know the truth, no matter how sad she was not to finally be human – we are different from the counterparts in the animal world, mainly due to the desire to develop and learn new things.

Briefly about the technical issues: made the app is great, works fast, all columns approximately where expected, to read, the font is beautiful. The program is free, no pavola in there – so anything you could use to obtain information.

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Download “Criminal Russia” for iPhone and iPad at this link
Download “Criminal Russia” for Android at this link

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