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Creator of Android Andy Rubin revealed the first photo of their fully frameless smartphone Essential

In January, Andy Rubin, a former top Manager of Google, who in 2003 founded a start Android, — announced the creation of a new company, which will produce smartphones Essential. According to rumors, the first product of his new startup needs to be the flagship model with a bigger screen from edge to edge, designed to compete with iPhone and Google Pixel.

And so, the day before Rubin posted on his Twitter account the first photo of a mysterious device. He wrote that they were “very satisfied with the progress of the project” and he can’t wait to release the device so that it can evaluate other users.

The photo shows the smartphone in the hand of the man, probably the ruby. A large part of the front panel overlaps the hand. But for the small part that does not close hand, it becomes clear that the mobile device’s screen takes up almost the entire front side, and the thickness of the part is minimized. In fact, it is correct to speak only about the facets of the body, and not about the framework in the classic sense.

No other details about the device Rubin said. According to reports, the phone should be in the list of flagship devices premium level and get a modular design. The device, codenamed FIH Essential-PM1 developers set the Snapdragon chip 835 and 4 GB of RAM. The handset will feature a ceramic body and the ability to install modular components, by analogy with accessories Moto Mods for mobile products Moto Z.

It is known that Andy Rubin in search of investors for the project came to the leadership of SoftBank. The Japanese side showed interest and expressed their willingness to Finance a smartphone, giving the developer $100 million Then suddenly, SoftBank has revised its plans and refused Essential Products in sponsorship. The reason for this decision was the third person. According to insiders, as a “stumbling block” was made by Apple. Supposedly the iPhone maker has for personal reasons was against SoftBank funded the development of Android-smartphone ruby.

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