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Created case-printer for instant photo printing from your iPhone [video]

The company Prynt has announced the start of sales of the Prynt case, which turns the smartphone into the camera with the instant printing of your pictures. The appeal of instant photography is so great that if the stated goal of $50 000 the developers managed to collect more than $1 576 000.

The Prynt case is the smallest for today mobile printer, made in the form factor of protective case for use with smartphones. Once you place your iPhone into the case and take a photo, you need about 30 seconds to turn a digital image into a real photograph with dimensions of 5 × 7,6 cm

The printer does not require ink, as the developers when creating the device have relied on the technology of instant photography, known as diffusion dostupny the photo process. Causing the image on paper is due to the built-in chemical reagents. The maximum resolution of such a printing Prynt is 313 × 339 dots per inch (620 × 1120 pixels).

Since the device needs special paper to ensure supplies to its customers, of course, assumes the developer. Cover-printer weighing 225 g is able to accommodate up to 10 sheets at a time, which the manufacturer has included in the base package. Additional 50 fotolito will cost $25.

The Prynt responsible autonomy built-in battery, a single charge which is enough to print 20 photos. Another feature of the device is the ability to shoot video through a branded app in the moment while you pose for a photo. This will allow you to make unique collages in the form of animated digital photos through the app to view along with friends photographing the stages in the process of finding a good frame.

The Prynt case on sale for $149. The company’s product range includes models for iPhone 6/6s as well as iPhone 5s/SE.

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