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Created case for smartphones, which brews coffee

Kickstarter can often be found quite unusual projects, which are characterized by the ingenuity and originality of thinking their developers. One of such novelties is a case for a smartphone, is able to prepare espresso.

Accessory called Mokase besides the fact that protects your mobile device against mechanical damage can also brew coffee. For cloth marketing text we can understand the principle of the device, which still seems very vague.

“Paste special plate in the cover, run the app on a smartphone – and your coffee is ready,” write the inventors. Looks like the whole process. Quite simply? But users who have donated to the creators of the miracle case $ 2600, it does not bother.

The developers note that the capacity of coffee is in your pocket, and the heating is performed using a built-in aluminium-silicon tube connected to the battery. The welding process liquid can be controlled via a mobile application, the heating temperature is from 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. Coffee can be stored in a removable disposable plate for three months, just it is possible to make 25 ml of coffee.

The creators promise to release Mokase model case for iPhone, smartphones, Samsung, Huawei and LG. The device will cost as much as the maker entry-level — about $ 55.

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