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Created an application to send SMS to iPhone on schedule

SMS is very convenient and useful. Without them, as without hands. But do you always send a short message in time? Never in a hurry you don’t confuse recipients, or worse, generally forgot about having to send? The application Delayd is intended to solve this problem.

Startup Tinyyo messagegay Limited has developed a service that allows you to set the time of delivery for SMS messages and publications in social networks. The main “trick” is the ability to pre-set the time of sending an ordinary SMS or multimedia messages with photos and videos to contacts in your address book. The user sets the time and date of sending, the message, selects one or more recipients. Have the ability to edit scheduled messages.

As a result, you should not worry that you forget to congratulate someone from friends or relatives happy birthday, in advance if you will set up Delayd sending SMS greetings on special dates. You find that has run out of milk, and your missus at an important meeting, which will end in six? Delayd specify that the message, “Honey, don’t forget to buy milk” I need to send after six. SMS-ka will not distract her from the things and will come just in time.

Similarly, you can Wake up SMS my friend who asked for it in advance or distribute greetings before the holiday. The reasons may be many but the solution is only one Delayd.

Messages can be distributed on groups: birthdays, anniversaries, and social group. Apparently, he was referring to the generally accepted holidays and some absolutely everyday nuances. You can also specify whether the motion to recall sent messages, and whether to do a newsletter with some cyclical (every day, week, month, year).

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The application continues working even after rebooting iPhone. All data is stored on the service; sending the scheduled messages will be held even in case of complete discharge of your smartphone.

In General, the idea of app very interesting, although not groundbreaking. The interface is simple, visually very pleasant. The main drawback of the service is that in the list of countries where it has Delayd, not yet Russia. It is supported in the USA, the UK, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Brunei, Canada, China, Gabii, India, Israel, Pakistan, South Africa. But the developers promise to regularly expand the list of countries, so the Russian users should download the app to learn about the appropriate update.

Delayd is free and offers send 50 free SMS. Messages over the limit are charged separately: $0.99 for 50 messages, $1,99 for 100 messages, $2,99 for 250 SMS and $3.99 for 500 SMS.

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