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Created an application for drawing in air with your iPhone [video]

The creators of a new app for drawing, probably inspired by the works of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, namely his technique of light painting. Interesting product presented Californian startup Adtile.

Application developers Air Pencil, in fact, invented nothing new. In the middle of the 20th century, Picasso invented his own technique — painting with a flashlight in space. Needed were the same flashlight and camera with a slow shutter speed. Since then, photographic svyazyvaete widely spread around the world.

The mobile app will allow each user to feel like an artist. Through this program, the iPhone will be able to read any movements of its owner. You only need to draw in the air the phone, and the result will be automatically projected onto the screen.

To find out more about Air Pencil can on the website of the developers via this link.

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