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Crazy concept Sony wireless headphones that allow you to hear all surrounding sounds

Many headphone manufacturers trying to protect their owner from the sounds, which publishes the world around us. The engineers of Sony have decided to do something different and introduced the concept earphones called Ear Xperia Open-Style Concept.

The basic idea of the novelty lies in the fact that the owner of such headphones will be able to listen not only to music but all the sounds that surround him — the rustle of leaves, the noise of cars, conversations of passers-by. You walk along the beach, around the noise of waves is heard, and music. You work, communicate with colleagues, while listening to music. Are you running in the Park, hear the music, but perfectly audible, and the call of the cyclist.

The volume of the playing song according to the developers, is transmitted directly into the ear, allowing you to simultaneously enjoy the ringtone and not to lose touch with the outside world. During all of this surrounding the music, of course, to annoy will not.

Headphones are wireless. The device will support Sony’s personal assistant Agent, who will be able to recognize not only voice commands but also hand gestures — for example, movements of the head.

To Sony believe that the device will be appreciated by all who love music. Very many other use cases. For example, walk, listen to an audiobook. Sit on the balcony with a Cup of tea, listening to a podcast. Surely you can answer the call and communicate. And all around perfectly audible, and no sensation that you closed in the room, upholstered in wool. Yes, the plane is not the best option, but for all other situations is ideal.

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The final price will be too early to say — the gadget is still under development. But it is unlikely to be exorbitant, because the company expects that the product will be massive.

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