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Crash test: iPhone 7 and Google Pixel dropped from a height of 300 meters [video]

A group of enthusiasts decided to conduct rigorous crash-test of the two flagship smartphones iPhone 7 and Google Pixel. On the YouTube channel of the project UnlockRiver specializing in the testing of gadgets, there is a video in which devices dropped from a height of 300 m.

Quadcopter raised both devices into the air, and then with the desired height dropped them on concrete Parking lot. Both handsets stopped working after contact with the ground, both of the display was shattered.

To the great surprise of the whole team, back case for iPhone 7 get crushed in several places, but all metal case Google Pixel remains almost intact.

The manufacturer claims that the casing is made of aircraft aluminum and light weight make durable and resistant to drops and other external impacts. The crash test proved it, although it is worth noting that a lot depends on what part of the land of the smartphone.

Anyway, to treat their smartphones is carefully, especially not to drop them from that height.

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