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Craig Federighi shared his thoughts about adding in Face ID more persons

Senior Vice President, software development in Apple’s Craig Federighi explained why the system Face ID scans and uses to authenticate the person only one person.

One Reddit user asked Craig why the new biometric system stores only a single scan, unlike the Touch ID. It is of interest to the users, as in previous models, scanning the fingers of their friends could add to the iPhone and iPad analogue of the diversity that exists in macOS. Thanks to your iOS device accessed by several people.

Federighi replied to the letter and noticed that the storage function of the additional scans, Touch ID was added with another purpose.

“Yes, while that in the system of Face ID you can add the only one person, it really is. As for Touch ID, support for the five fingerprints was implemented in order to iPhone owners to unlock it by the fingers of the left and right hands without any need to reconfigure.”, – said Craig Federighi.

The Vice President noted that the Apple watch user reviews and will consider any ideas in the future, as I plan to expand the functionality of Face ID.

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