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Craftsman made case for iPhone the Motorola E398 [video]

The new channel “Lefty” has posted a video on YouTube with the process of creation of case-based Motorola phone E398. The day the video was watched by nearly 500,000 people.

The smartphone manufacturer trying to make the device better with each new generation. But as gadgets get thinner, some of their functions are affected. Blogger decided to create parts of the device Motorola original case for iPhone 5s, improves the sound quality.

As a result, the blogger has created a wooden pad on iPhone 5s with the powerful speakers of the phone 2004. The process of assembling the accessory of a blogger videotaped.

Channel “left-Handed” is dedicated to creating unusual and useful things with their hands. Popular video: creating “Instagram keychain photo album”, “cuckoo Clock” and “the spinning Top that can spin for 10 minutes”.

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