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Cracked iPhone terrorist company will help the police to identify the culprit according to the data on your smartphone

In the state of new York introduced a bill according to which participants of road accident of the accident will be required to pass the test of the recent mobile phone usage. The initiators propose to use the technology company Cellebrite, the previously cracked iPhone 5c terrorist from San Bernardino.

According to the initiative group, the active use of smartphone while driving is very distracting driver, therefore, must be considered when making road traffic accident. In fact, the text of the bill offers to the traditional breathalyzer test to add validation for mobile device driver “smartphoneware”. As hardware platform the authors of the bill point to the solution developed by Israeli company Cellebrite, which earlier helped the FBI gain access to the iPhone shooter from California without the help of Apple.

It is assumed that at the stage of registration of road accident the police with the help of the complex will be able to collect data about how you use your cell phone for a short period of time without direct access to the data itself. Thus, if the accident was caused by one of the participants who used driving phone, the police will be able to detect. This is only a primary check that does not violate the right to secrecy of correspondence, notes Nplus1 — for further establishing guilt can be used to full access to information with a warrant.

According to the official statistics of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases in the US, about 20% of accidents with victims occur because of the driver, otvlekaemost from driving. Previously conducted by a group of scientists the study also showed on the example of 3,500 volunteers that the main reason of car accidents are driver errors and distractions, which often become a conversation with passengers and the use of electronic devices.

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