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CPU the Apple iPhone 7 in A10 is comparable in performance with the A9X chip in the iPad Pro

It is no secret that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the design will resemble their predecessors. But the hardware they have will be significantly improved. In particular, smartphones will move to a new hardware platform Apple A10.

Today online sources have published the first performance tests of the Apple SoC A10. We are talking only about the single thread test in the benchmark Geekbench.

Judging by the results of Apple A10 shows the result of 3000 points. Compared to the A9 in the iPhone 6s, the performance growth was an impressive 20%. Thus, the new platform promises not only a serious progress in terms of energy conservation, but also the highest level of performance.

The performance of the A10 is comparable to Apple A9X processor in the iPad Pro, a configuration consisting of cores with a frequency of 2.25 GHz. At least, it concerns the results of the test Geekbench in single core. Note that the hardware in Apple devices is so powerful that it is comparable in performance, not only device in its class, but notebooks based on Intel Core M.

At the moment we have no idea about configuration and options Apple A10, therefore, fully assess the capabilities of the chipset is not possible. Rumors Apple A10 credited with four and even six cores.

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