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County – the first truly “smart” wallet

Startup Wallet County collects funds for “smart” wallet County, which is easy to evaluate and plan the budget. After each successful purchase, or Deposit of cash, the user will not be difficult to make some moves on the touch screen of the product to change the current balance of the cash account.

For example, a man went to the grocery store to buy some food for $ 30. All he has left to do is to get the County to pay, and on the screen, click on notes 10 and $ 20. Now smart wallet remember that the user has spent $ 30 at the grocery store. Thanks to the integration of a GPS module in the smart wallet, he at any time can determine the location of the person, thus putting a mark on the map where he made the change in the cash account. At each change of invoice County on a map Search is a label, clicking on which you can obtain detailed information about time, place and amount of spending.

County is able to build charts, thanks to which it is possible to conduct analysis of changes in account according to three criteria: time period, purpose of payment and place of making changes on the account. The system provides the ability to build charts more than ten kinds, allowing you to analyze information in the most convenient form.


In County integrated County Search service, through which you can track the location of a smart wallet in case of loss. To do this you need to log into the system using a smartphone or tablet. After that, the screen will indicate the place where the user instance. In the service interface has the ability to play audio on the device, display a message on the screen, or completely erase all user data and statistics of changes in your accounts.

One of the most important additions to the service County Search – tag geolocation. Every time you change the account of the person’s location is marked on the map tag, which contains information about the amount, time, and purpose of expenditure.

For security in County integrated ultraviolet detector of banknotes, which is able to recognize even the most high-quality counterfeit. “Never before in humans was not possible so easy and quick to check on the authenticity of the bills immediately upon receipt,” say the developers.

Also important is the ability to synchronize County with the account on the server, allowing you to see changes not only in the interface of smart wallet, but also on the smartphone screen. The Bluetooth module will provide synchronization with your phone, and built-in 3G module will give information about the change to the server. In your wallet built-touch display with a diagonal of 4.7 inches and a battery that provides up to three days of active use.

Currently the developers are collecting funds for the production of County on the website Indiegogo. First buyers can get new for the price of $ 319.

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