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Cost for the “Spring law” proposed to charge subscribers

The Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs for communication and information and communication technologies (RSPP) proposed to introduce for subscribers, specific payment, by which the operators can perform the “Spring law” (anti-terrorist amendments requiring operators of storage traffic).

According to RBC, the expenditure of funds received by operators will focus on creating, upgrading and operation of systems required to implement the requirements of the law. The funds control will be implemented by the Ministry of communications.

The materials for the meeting of the Commission held on 13 July, in Moscow, proposes to establish a “special payment for subscribers and users” of telecommunications services that will get the operator. The amount payable of a payment, according to the Commission, may be 3-5% of the average account of the subscriber.

In the Ministry of communications considered it a reasonable idea to fulfill the requirements of the “law of Spring” due to the introduction of starplates for subscribers. According to Ministry’s estimates, revenues from telecommunications services for the year 2015 amounted to 1,672 trillion rubles, for 2016 — 1,657 trillion rubles. Thus, through the establishment of special payment for the implementation of the “Spring law” subscribers will be charged 50-85 billion annually. For non-payment of the special payment is proposed to establish administrative responsibility.

The package of anti-terrorist laws, which was developed with the participation of Deputy of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, obliges mobile operators in six months to keep the contents of conversations and the correspondence of users.

The initiative has been criticized by business. Representatives of the company “NORSI-TRANS” — the manufacturer of systems of operative-investigative measures (SORM) stated that “the accumulation of network traffic over 6 months are not comparable with the realities of the domestic economy”.

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According to the calculations of the FSB, the costs for the purchase of equipment will amount to 3 trillion rubles. Even 50% of this amount, or 1.5 trillion rubles, the Ministry of communications has estimated the cost of building of infrastructure to accommodate the equipment and set up necessary communication channels. The operators estimated the cost of storage in 2.2 trillion rubles.

“Spring law” will take effect from 1 July 2018.

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