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Corsairs: Sea Empire – the Saga of the pirates

Somehow it happened that immortal theme of pirates, the ships of the 18th century, the salty sea and boarding in the best case disintegrated fragments by compiling big games like Assassin’s Creed. In the domestic industry, the once stable supply of various simulation pirates, and even the emptiness and the quiet expanse of the abandoned ocean. But, there’s still a ray of light is an online game “corsairs”.

You start with a choice of faction – you can join a Caribbean coalition, the European Union or the sailors of the Ming dynasty. In fraction to select a suitable character – despite the detailed description of the history, the question soon in the avatar. Well, and then plunge into the thick of sea battles.

But first the manning of the flotilla. Role-playing system in “Le Corsaire” familiar to MMO, but contains a few surprises. You develop your generals, increase in the levels of the ships, give light weight their new guns and attributes. The ships are divided into several levels – from the ordinary to “legendary”. To obtain the latest status by winning it in the battlefield or as a reward. Of course, all upgrades cost money that are earned in three ways: looting, completing missions and trading.

The first two are the most interesting for those who are not wearing a badge pacifist. Sea dotted with ships of other players and trading fleets – can attack directly on careless travellers, and put them on the knife. Of course, you need a no experience beginner rather the send to feed the fish. Therefore, the surest way to get some from a low-level enemy in every mission.
The tasks you give out to special friends. It is often practical random order – splavi there, bring it, kill those Five, ten, fifteen completed missions and maybe the thickness of the bag with silver already sufficient for a Covenant frigate. By themselves, the automatic battle – ships exchanged spectacular explosions – so directly affect you can’t. Victory is forged not on the sea fight, and in the shipyard and tavern, where you hire generals.
You can still go in the “inst” – so they call the RAID on separate ships. Sort of the classic dungeons from the usual MMO: you first, long plagued by all sorts of riffraff weak, and then trying to swoop to take the boss. In the end, of course, a generous reward – but it should still get.

Trading the way of earning money less exciting, but will appeal to those who likes pirate romance in the first place price speculation in the conquered trophies and not the process of their conquest. All trivial: you buy goods in one city and then taking the other to sell high. Little economic trick – the farther cities are from each other, the greater the price dispersion.

Since “dogs” is the game online, there is a strong multiplayer component. You can join clans (and proudly show off the banner on the main map), you can write in chat (smileys) and walk in those “questions” are not alone, and companies – just like in World of Warcraft. Clans give a serious advantage – friends to not only support, but also offer to participate in the War of the Guilds – and there is the scale battles and awards more seriously than anywhere else.

Not alien to the game and current trends – you can register through Facebook and “Vkontakte”. Through West social network, by the way, are allowed to recruit from your friends list.

Look the “dogs” simply, with a clear emphasis on reasonable system requirements than a demonstration of technical achievements. Although the battles did not refuse to elegance – the shots and the performances of the generals seemed to draw the authors of Japanese comics: all colorful, bright, noisy.
About “Corsair” can be much more to write about local events (the battle with the Kraken?), about roster real navigators (Magellan’s to Blackbeard), about the widest selection of ships (for example “Peter”). But it doesn’t make sense – if you are anything like the topic, you probably long to play and without our Council. If pirates aren’t for you – well “dogs” is unlikely to break the skepticism.

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