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CornerTube: a new app that allows you to watch YouTube videos in the “picture in picture”

In addition to the new interface, multitasking operating system iOS 9 brought special modes: Slide Over, Split View and “picture in picture”, which open up new possibilities for multi-tasking on the iPad. The last function with a high sanction, Apple has restrictions on the type of the content being played.

Mode “picture in picture” provides the ability while watching videos or talking on FaceTime to reduce the window and move it to the right of the screen. After that, the user can open any application and free to use it — the video will continue to playback. So, for example, you can simultaneously watch a movie or TV show and answer email or the browser.

Unfortunately, not all apps support mode “picture in picture”, the official YouTube client is not one of them. In its current form if you try to turn the roller and to return to the home screen, the music pauses. To work around this limitation by using a new application CornerTube.

CornerTube allows you to make YouTube videos always remained on the screen, like videos from your iPad. Box clip can be freely moved around the screen and resized. It will always be on top of other Windows, allowing you to watch YouTube anywhere on the screen with other programs. This eliminates the need to close and restart videos when surfing the web or reading Twitter.

Among the special features CornerTube the developers call widget for notification Center and support for extensions to access video in the “picture in picture” on the links from any installed iPad apps. In addition, the program can be run in Split View.

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CornerTube distributed through the App Store. App that supports the “picture in picture” is available only on iPad with iOS 9 and will cost 149 rubles.

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