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Cord posted a selfie with a gravestone in the form of iPhone

Sergey Shnurov has surprised followers your account in Instagram, put a picture of a gravestone in the form of iPhone. According to the leader of group “Leningrad”, the photo shows the so-called “gravestone selfie”.

In the photo published global peace index, the musician stands next to a large marble gravestone. The pedestal is made in the form of the Apple smartphone. Cords said that under a gravestone would be buried “all the fans taking pictures of themselves in very unhealthy places.”

This exhibit was presented to the public at the exhibition of Sergey Shnurova. The exhibition titled “Retrospective of branjelina” held at the Museum of modern art “Erarta”.

“Rest outstanding safelist, we’ll forget not remembering,” wrote Sergey Shnurov on his page in Instagram.

The theme of the exhibition is devoted to the relation of man to things. Musician and artist contrasts the modern consumer society the idea of Brangelina – art that “nobody owes anybody anything”.

The exhibition shows the passion of the modern man towards brands that are increasingly penetrating into everyday life.

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