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“Cooler La-La land”: Medvedev said the Russian processors “Baikal-T1” the main innovation of the year

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has awarded the developers of the Russian processors “Baikal-T1”. The ceremony took place in the framework of the competition for the best investment project “development Award-2017”. Medvedev said that it’s better than the award ceremony “Oscar” in USA.

The prize in the nomination “the Best infrastructural project” was received by the company “Maximalism” for a project to create a free Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro. Each user now has access to free the network to work, study and entertainment in the metro.

The best project in industries chosen “the Launch of industrial production of domestic high performance low power processor “Baikal-T1”. We are talking about series production (batches of one million units) was developed in Russia a modern microprocessor for sales in Russia and abroad.

“Here the Oscars the film “La La land”, and we have a prize for industrial development. I think that it is cooler,” said Medvedev.

Russian dual-core processor “Baikal-T1” is running at 1.2 GHz and uses the MIPS architecture. The development and production of the family of processors “Baikal” is a subsidiary of “T-Platforms” company “Baikal electronics”. In 2015, she announced the release of model engineering “Baikal-T1”, created on the basis of licensed from the British company Imagination Technologies unit processor cores. Then it was announced that this processor is the world’s first implementation of the 32-bit kernel MIPS Warrior P-Class P5600.

A production processor will of the Taiwanese company TSMC for 28-nm technology standards.

All the “Baikal” project implemented with the support of Ministry of industry and trade of Russia within the Federal program “Development of electronic component base and Radioelectronics” and with the participation of RUSNANO.

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