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Consumer Reports praised the iPhone 8 iPhone X

Tim cook and johnny Ive think X iPhone the best smart phone ever created by Apple. However, the magazine Consumer Reports decided otherwise and awarded the iPhone 8 higher rankings, reports Cult of Mac.

Despite the stunning Retina display, fast processor A11 Bionic and system for facial recognition user Face ID, X iPhone is not without flaws. The battery capacity is insufficient for long-term Autonomous operation, and the glass back panel does not inspire confidence, in the opinion of potential buyers.

Employees Consumer Reports conducted a series of tests to evaluate a smartphone. For drop-tests were selected three iPhone X. Each phone was dropped from a height of 76 centimeters. After 50 shots one of the smartphones was in order, and the other two were damaged displays, but these devices remained intact. iPhone X is also able to survive an average of four to fall on a concrete floor from a height of five feet and without critical failures.

To assess battery life a smartphone used a robotic finger. He turned on the GPS-navigation, made calls and watched the photos. During the test, the display brightness was set to 100%. In this mode the battery drained iPhone X for 19.5 hours. For comparison, the iPhone 8 lasted half an hour less than the iPhone 8 Plus worked for 21 hours, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 — 26 hours.

“Despite the fact that 19.5 hours of battery life may be enough for some users, the result is X iPhone was worse than the other 38 of smartphones, which received the approval of our editorial” — said in the report.

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Edition called iPhone X innovative device with a fantastic camera and beautiful screen. According to test results, the gadget has come in ten the best smartphones, but lost not only the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

“Choosing X iPhone, come in store and well out of the smartphone in hand. Pay attention not only to the beauty of the display, but on gestures. Think about how quickly you can get used to them. And remember how often you drop the phone on the sidewalk or on the floor,” recommends Consumer Reports.

In the fall of 2017 edition shared opinion that the iPhone 8 is worse Samsung Galaxy S8.

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