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Consumer Reports calls the image on the screen of the Galaxy S8 “attractive natural” even with a red tint

An independent organization Consumer Reports, to defend the interests of consumers, has tested the Samsung Galaxy S8. The problem, which complain about the first buyers of the device were confirmed.

As part of testing the new experts tested eight instances of the Galaxy S8. The main reason for such a large sample was needed to find out how common a problem with the color reproduction of the dis play of the South Korean flagship.

Question red hue of the screen of the Galaxy S8 is being actively discussed this week. Some owners of the smartphone are complaining that the screen devices have a strange color.

According to Consumer Reports, the problem is not as significant as suggested in the media. Although four of the eight tested devices do have a red tint. It can be seen if we place together two devices with different color reproduction. Experts said that even with a reddish tint screens Galaxy S8 “display is very attractive and natural picture”.

“It is unclear how many people will be able to distinguish between this shade, especially if not compare next two smartphones. In any case, you can fix this by adjusting the color balance”, — noted in Consumer Reports.

Earlier Samsung used to explain the presence of a red hue different settings of color and promised to release an update. The reason is related to defect at the level of hardware, completely rejected. The company has even pledged to replace Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ if update doesn’t solve the problem.

In this regard, it is not clear, you will notice the difference in the “color” of the display potential. In Russia, as you know, for Galaxy S8 please 54 990 rubles, Galaxy S8+ — 59 990 rubles. The smartphones will go on sale April 28.

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