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Considered-to tears: Apple CarPlay for new Hyundai Solaris will cost 315 000

The features of the car interface, Apple CarPlay is difficult to overestimate. The system actively uses the capabilities of personal assistant Siri to create a safer and more comfortable environment and offers convenient access to key applications on the mobile device. But sometimes the transition to a new multimedia environment in your car have to be postponed for purely financial reasons.

In February, Hyundai introduced the sedan in Russia Solaris new generation, for which the stated optional interfaces support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In particular, the carmaker has offered the appropriate multimedia system, which implies the synchronization of iPhone with the head unit. How much is really worth this car gadget? According to the official dealers of Hyundai in Moscow, the cost of the head unit with Apple CarPlay support for the new Solaris is 305 756 rubles.

And, characteristically, in the presence of a multimedia system no one holds, so that the waiting period for custom items will be up to two months. After that you will have to pay for installation of the system the official 7 500 rubles, so that the final amount for the purchase and replacement — 313 256 rubles. In fact, it is half the cost of a new Hyundai Solaris in the base set.

“And this pricing policy of the manufacturers, frankly, is not entirely clear. So you want to buy “Solaris” is simpler and cheaper to upgrade the multimedia system to the top can only sympathize, nobody in their right mind to do will not be”, – noted Auto Vesti.

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Official Hyundai dealers and offer an alternative for those who lack the initial “head”. For 49 500 rubles in showrooms sell a Chinese device called the NaviPilot which runs on Android has navigation and the ability to install different applications. But with the original complex of the upper level of such a device, of course, can not be compared.

Note that Hyundai Solaris is in the top three best selling cars in Russia.

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