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Concept iOS 12: grouped notifications and widgets in the style of Android

New concept iOS 12 gave a number of innovations, among which are quite expected and something out of science fiction.

Now when Apple announced iOS 11.3, designers have decided to share their vision of the system, which will present at WWDC in 2018. Ascending News in Instagram presented a few images of those features that, in their opinion, will be added in iOS 12.

One of the ideas that will appeal to many – grouping of notifications. Instead of a sequential flow, alerts will be grouped in the corresponding applications. For example, if the user receives three messages at different times, they will appear next. Similarly, for reminders, updates, and so on.

Widgets on the home screen in the style of Android – which is quite unusual innovation for owners of iOS. They appeared relatively recently – in iOS 8. If the “green robot” widgets placed on the desktop along with the icons of apps that Apple has allocated them a place in “Today” tab in Notification Center.

Also, the authors of the concept would like to see in the new iOS 12 the ability to change the registration system, the existence of a function Always-On and also increase the free iCloud storage to 50 gigabytes.

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