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Components of the Apple Watch 2 have shown in the video: confirmed long battery life and a thinner screen

Days remain before a major Apple event where the iPhone 7 and will present the second generation of “smart” watches Apple Watch. The last fact indicates the increasing number of relevant leaks. According to recent reports, Apple Watch 2 will offer users a high degree of autonomy and built-in GPS module. And now we have confirmation of this information. Employees of the electronics store Byte have released a video demonstrating the components of Apple Watch 2.

The video shows the battery in the new Apple timepiece with a thickness of 5.11 mm, whereas in the original model the battery is in the thickness of 3.95 mm. Experts point out that the power supply capacity is 1.35 W·h 0,94 vs Apple Watch first generation. Of course, you need to know the voltage, which is characterized by the battery to calculate the capacity in mA∙h. however, The new data are quite consistent with the previous information about the higher capacity battery of the wearable device of Apple.

The video also confirms recent rumors about a thinner display and support for second generation technology Force Touch, which makes the screen sensitive to touch and feels responsive. The thickness of display panel Apple Watch 2 is only 2,86 3,57 mm mm against the original model.

It is unclear what portion of the added battery capacity will be allotted to the GPS module and how it will improve the autonomy of the Apple Watch as a whole. Note that the upcoming update of “smart” hours on watchOS 3 will take place without the introduction of the modem for cellular communications. According to sources, Cupertino is indeed working in this direction, but decided to abandon the idea due to excessive energy consumption.

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