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Competitor To The Apple Watch? How they work and who needs a smart watch AlfaPay with built-in credit card

The Bank began selling hours AlfaPay with built-in credit card function and a contactless payment products. Is it convenient to use a clock as a purse? Experts QuoteRbc shared his opinion after testing gadget.

Last month, Alfa-Bank offered users a new tool to pay for goods and services — “smart” watches AlfaPay with built-in credit card with PayPass function. This allows clients to pay for goods is a contactless method, just by swiping your hand over a payment terminal. Despite the fact that the device itself is not new (the first developments presented in 2002), watches that cost 5000 rubles for the first 10 days after the start of sales purchased 300 people. The Bank is watch AlfaPay as “fancy gadget” and “modern tool to make purchases”.

When buying owner AlfaPay receives a clear plastic box. Inside — watch Watch2Pay Austrian company LAKS, two cards of MasterCard and supporting materials instructions. Two-card set one — ordinary debit: you can learn in the cash balance, withdraw cash, Deposit funds, etc. the Second card reminds SIM card for phones is carved from MasterCard chip c functions PayPass. You need to paste in the body of the device. After this clock can be used as a purse. To pay, one must bring their payment terminals with contactless payment function — the actions are the same as when paying with a regular card that supports PayPass.

For acrylic glass plastic hours hiding NFC module, which transmits the signal from the card to the payment terminal. Technology NFS allows you to transfer the map data to the terminal using radio communication for short distances (up to 10 cm). As an antenna are the metal parts of the case — the bezel around the dial.

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In addition to NFC-module in case there is a place for Japanese clockwork. Them to the Austrian LAKS produce two company — Seiko Epson and Miyota. In addition to these two elements and the batteries in the housing, nothing more. However, according to Finance Director LAKS Gmbh Suzanne of Seibal, patent of her company suggests a further development of this device. “Perhaps it will be a Bluetooth sensor and notifications through vibration, for example,” says Seibel. Watch Watch2Pay assembled in China.

The thrill AlfaPay twofold. On the one hand, this is an interesting and handy for quick payments tool. So, to make a transaction less than 1 000. not require additional authorization (PIN or signature), there is no need to take out the wallet. If the purchase amount above this limit will have to enter a PIN code. Use a limit when payment technology PayPass MasterCard requires for security purposes.

The experiment was performed three test buy — in “Pyaterochka” shop, diner, KFC and subway. None of the cashiers or salespeople not surprised by the innovation. Payments are no failures and problems. To pay for a purchase, you bring a hand to payment terminals, secure it above it at a height of 2-3 cm for a couple of seconds. Speed of operation 3-4 sec.

Directly the design of the clock is quite controversial. Their sporty style is not suitable, for example, under a suit (however, there is an option in black), and a plastic case and silicone strap, not everyone can seem convenient, especially in the heat. Another problem with the device is the lack of dust and moisture protection. That is, to swim and engage in extreme sports in them.

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Offer Alfa-Bank is not unique. Exactly the same watch company LAKS its customers in 2013 suggested that the Bank “AK bars”. Released for the summer Universiade in Kazan kits, which included watch Watch2Pay and a card worth 3 700 rubles. According to the chief of Department of public relations of Laysan Karimova, two years of “AK bars” sold more than 2 000 hours. This year the same gadget presented Gazprombank. The cost of the kit is not listed on the website of the Bank.

The cost of hours for Russian banks is €30, or 2 040 rubles at the CBR exchange rate as of August 1. In addition to the Classic models, in line with and watch Premium and Superior. “However, while your banks are not eager to buy them. Only interested in”, says Seibel.

One of the main methods of protection from fraud — a limit of 1000 rubles for one purchase. But if the watch is stolen, to block the card still have. But the technology data card via the NFC module is adequately protected. Deputy head of the laboratory of computer forensics Group-IB Sergei Nikitin said that to read the data is still possible, but they are not enough for operations and especially for cash withdrawal: there is no information about the PIN code and code CVV/CVS. To protect yourself, Nikitin offers a few simple recipes: keep watch (map), follow the notifications and does not store the account to which the card is linked PayPass, large amounts.

Worth to use

According to leading analyst Mobile Research Eldar Murtazin, watch AlfaPay — marketing ploy. “The Bank is necessary in order to show their capabilities, technology. No more,” Murtazin considers. Agree with him the head of the online store of gadgets Madrobots Nikolay Belousov: “In a separate device with such a function makes no sense, it’s just an excuse for a PR company.”

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According to Belousov, contactless payment technology will develop in smartphones and gadgets like smart watches. For example, Apple in October 2014 launched a payment service Apple Pay, available on the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, which has an NFC module. In Russia, Apple Pay is not yet available.

Another disadvantage is the small number of PayPass terminals. According to consulting J’son & Partners, specializing in the markets of telecommunications and IT, in Russia, by the end of 2014, there were about 60,000 pieces. The total number of POS-terminals for payment cards, according to Central Bank statistics, about 1.3 million

Are there advantages? When in 2011, MasterCard represented Watch2Pay in the UK, one of the unique properties of a product called quick purchases for small amounts. Such a watch would be, for example, those who play sports. Watch2Pay offers to buy their children, who are sent to summer camp — it allows them to maintain access to money and control their spending. Unless, of course, a summer camp has a PayPass terminal.

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