Comparative review of iPhone 11 and iPhone XR

Almost everything has been told about the new iPhone 11 in recent days. A review of the phone will soon appear on our website, but for now, here is a comparison of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR. I walked around with these phones, and now I’ll tell you why the new is better than the old.

How does the iPhone 11 look different from the iPhone XR?

You can distinguish the iPhone 11 from the iPhone XR by the dual camera and the new body colors. Instead of coral, bright yellow, and blue, lilac, pale yellow, and mint green appeared. Remained unchanged black, white and red.

I like the old color palette more than the new one, but it's all very subjective.

The dimensions of the cases and weight have not changed at all: the same aluminum frame and glass on the rear panel. This year, according to Apple, more durable glass is used. I didn’t make a crash test and I didn’t test the phone for strength, so I can only believe the company. From myself I can say that the screen in the iPhone 11 is scratched at exactly the same speed as in the iPhone XR. If you worry about the safety of the phone, it is better to stick a protective glass.

What's with the camera now?

If the iPhone XR had one camera, then the iPhone 11 has two. An additional ultra-wide-angle module with autofocus has appeared, this is a plus, but it does not work with the new night mode – this is a minus. Therefore, for spectacular photos in the dark, you need to use the main camera, and not a new additional one.

The quality of daytime shots for this module is average – I personally don’t really like it, but for Instagram it will do.

Now compare the cameras. First, turn off the “smart” Smart HDR mode. The colors match very well, but what about the details?

Left photo on iPhone XR, right photo on iPhone 11

Let's increase. The iPhone 11 has a richer green color, and the detail is comparable.

Left photo on iPhone XR, right photo on iPhone 11

And if you turn on Smart HDR? The iPhone 11 has more saturated colors: it is clearly visible in blue and green.

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Left photo on iPhone XR, right photo on iPhone 11

I really liked the new night mode, the essence of it is that the phone takes a series of pictures and glues them into one frame. Sorry, but the iPhone XR is not trained in this. Meanwhile, the difference compared to the iPhone 11 is very noticeable. Here is a photo in low light. Here the victory of the new phone over the old one is not discussed: the difference in small details is clearly visible.

Left photo on iPhone XR, right photo on iPhone 11

The sun set an hour ago, not yet night, but with the lighting everything is bad.

Left photo on iPhone XR, right photo on iPhone 11

Let's increase. Here it is, the difference: if on the iPhone XR we see a big bright spot, then on the iPhone 11 it turns into a map of the area.

The front camera in the iPhone XR is 7 megapixels, while the iPhone 11 already has as much as 12 megapixels and a wide-angle module. Photographing yourself as a loved one on the iPhone 11 is much more interesting: in the frame not only the head, but also the sights.

Left photo on iPhone XR, right photo on iPhone 11

If desired, you can switch to portrait mode. Phones are still pretty rough on the area around their heads, and I haven’t seen much of an advantage over the iPhone 11 compared to the iPhone XR.

Left photo on iPhone XR, right photo on iPhone 11

Another iPhone 11 takes pictures in portrait mode, blurring the background, inanimate objects and animals – the iPhone XR does not have such an opportunity, the camera responds only to people.

What about the screen?

Nothing has changed at all. The display on the iPhone 11 is exactly the same as on the iPhone XR.


Than the new iPhone 11 is better than the old iPhone XR

Alexander Pobyvanets

September 11, 2019

CPU and memory

Instead of the Apple A12 Bionic, the Apple A13 Bionic is used: we get more power in reserve, run the same benchmark on phones and compare the results. Novelty, of course, is ahead. In addition, the iPhone 11 now has 4 GB of RAM instead of 3 GB in the iPhone XR. Apple itself does not advertise this data, but you can’t hide from curious people. The amount of internal memory is also the same: you can choose 64, 128 or 256 GB.

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With everyday use, the results were unexpected for me. The new iPhone 11 on iOS 13 is a bit slower than the iPhone XR on iOS 12.4.1. This is clearly seen in direct comparison of devices, when you simultaneously run applications on two phones: the difference is a second or two, and so far it is in favor of the old model. How so? It remains only to write off the dampness of iOS 13 and wait for new versions of the system when everything flies.

Is Face ID faster?

According to Apple, the new sensor system is 30% faster than the old one and recognizes a face from a wider angle. I compared: the new iPhone 11 really makes this operation faster. But the angle did not seem to change. So when the phone is on the table, unlocking it in the face will not work, so you have to pick it up and take it in your hand. Unlocking in landscape mode also did not appear.

Does the new one last longer?

If you need an iPhone with excellent autonomy, then buy an iPhone 11 or iPhone XR, in any case you will be satisfied. At the presentation, Apple said that the new iPhone works an hour longer than the old. I didn’t feel much difference: I have one, that the other works day. And this most treasured hour in practice is difficult to notice.

It would be better if they added a new 18 W charge to the kit, as they did with the iPhone 11 Pro. If you want to speed up the charging process of the iPhone 11, I recommend a guide on choosing the right accessories:


How to quickly and easily charge your iPhone 11

Alexander Pobyvanets

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September 20, 2019

What about the money?

The difference between the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 is 10 thousand rubles. Prices for the iPhone XR start at 49,990 rubles, and an iPhone 11 with the same amount of memory costs 59,990 rubles. This is if we take the official prices for Russian retail.

Should I pay extra for the iPhone 11? In my opinion, there is only one reason: if you actively photograph and plan to develop in this direction.

No more differences?

The new iPhone 11 differs from the old iPhone XR in other respects. It has a higher level of protection against moisture, a high-speed modem, and support for surround sound through stereo speakers.


Our test iPhone 11 in beautiful mint color has a tough future ahead – it will become the hero of the crash test, it will be covered with paving stones or asphalt. Having been away from the iPhone for 11 weeks, I can say that this is one of the most successful Apple phones, like the iPhone XR. There is everything you need, and not as expensive as asking for the Pro-series.

At the same time, there are not so many significant improvements compared to the old model. Some things are still hard to feel in practice: improved moisture protection, surround sound support through speakers or a more efficient processor.

For me, the main difference between the new phone and the old one was not even the second camera, but the chic night mode. Now the camera takes better pictures in low light – and it is unfortunate that this mode is not in the iPhone XR.

Changing the iPhone XR to the iPhone 11 makes no sense, unless you take a lot of pictures, keep a personal blog and plan to delight your subscribers with streams – in this case, the ultra-wide-angle module will be an ideal replacement for an action camera. I took a three-axis stabilizer and take it to health.

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