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Company Aspyr has released an update for Civilization VI on macOS

Developers from the Studio Aspyr has prepared a gift for fans of the strategy game, Civilization. Recently released a patch that adds a new campaign and technology support Metal.

The game will have new characters and peoples. Now you can take control of the Khmer and Indonesians. There will be new religious heroes, two of the Pantheon, Missionaries, and Followers. Also the developers added new faith. Thanks to them, players will be able to build new types of buildings.

The creators of the game have adjusted the work of artificial intelligence. Previously, the computer often engage in battles that could not win. Now the enemy will behave more adequately.

Also, the developers have implemented support for Metal. Is a tool designed to reduce the load on the graphics card of the computer and helping to increase the performance of games.

Update with additional content and two new game campaigns you can download for free.

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