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“Communists of Russia” demanded to block in the App Store That was with Lenin in the morgue”

Secretary of the Krasnodar regional branch of the party “Communists of Russia” has addressed in Roskomnadzor with request to block the page “What was with Lenin in the morgue” in the App Store. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the press service of the party “Communists of Russia”.

According to the report, the cost of the game App Store is 229 rubles. Offers users the option to “remove the internal organs” political figure and a founder of the Communist party, Vladimir Lenin.

According to the Communists of Russia, “it’s horrible and requires an immediate response of regulators and law enforcement agencies.”

It is also reported that on behalf of the Bureau of the regional Committee, the Communists sent a letter to the General Prosecutor with the requirement to establish the identity of the author of the game with the purpose of bringing him to justice for the desecration of the memory of Vladimir Lenin.

In March it was reported that Roskomnadzor has agreed with Apple and Google on a pretrial application deletion. Companies are afraid to lock the App Store and Google Play in Russia because of illegal content in one of the programs. The fact that in the case of blocking individual apps for customers most of the providers becomes unavailable entire site intruder.

Apple has not commented on the appeal of the “Communists of Russia”.

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