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Communications Minister: Russia does not need its own operating system

The Minister of communications and mass media Nikolai Nikiforov said that Russia does not need the domestic operating system. This was, according to MSKagency, he said, speaking at annually held in Moscow Gaidar forum.

“Don’t need no Russian operating systems, about which so like to ask the journalists. We need global projects, we need some integration, at least with our colleagues in the BRICS bloc. And see our mission in Ministry is to create such conditions and to implement such projects of global integration, market diversification and break Russia in these global markets”, — said the Minister of communications.

He also stressed that in Russia it is necessary to ensure legislative and financial conditions for the emergence of the IT-companies of world level. Thus, Nikiforov believes, there is no need to restrict the influence of foreign technology and development. The Minister especially noted the importance of growing the number of specialists in the field of programming, because this will increase Russia’s competitiveness in the field of IT.

Currently, according to the Ministry of communications in Russia there are around 350 000 programmers, and according to Nikiforov, this figure is extremely low to achieve significant results in the information technology industry.

“If we really want to be a modern technological power, it is necessary to place the bar about 1 million programmers, then all spheres of our economy, not only related to IT directly, but also business, industry and many other sectors are going to be competitive,” said the Minister.

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