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Commitment to excellence: 6 functions that were missing from the new Apple TV

The fourth generation Apple TV went on sale, and users around the world are upgrading their consoles, putting off the old models. This is the right decision, because the updated Apple TV is very cool.

Console happy with new capabilities, voice control, support chic games and applications. But in the new platform tvOS present moments that have not been finalized. That doesn’t make the new OS is bad, but the implementation of some things in future versions will definitely like the owners of the new Apple TV.

1. Support for “Remote control” to remote control with iPhone and iPad

Apple has made the initial setup Apple TV is very convenient if you have a Bluetooth-connected iOS device. But after starting setups remote input becomes unavailable. New Apple TV remote not much different from its predecessor in ease of typing, so when choosing a complex password, you will encounter problems.

Previous models Apple TV support remote input from the mobile app “Remote control” that lets you use to the virtual keyboard iPhone and iPad. It helped comfortable to enter any text. Unfortunately, this application is still awaiting the update for the fourth generation Apple TV.

Why Apple does not allow you to sync Apple TV with iPhone and control console in conjunction with an iOS device? Some third-party developers have foreseen this incident and to start asking to go to a special URL to obtain the 5-digit code eliminates the need to enter the full user name and password.

Come on, Apple, you can do better!

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2. The ability to share links to third-party applications

Indeed, the developers currently can’t share links to your apps. Also it is not possible to pass a reference to tvOS on your iOS device.

This seems a serious problem, because Apple TV now has its own App Store. You are encouraged to seek applications in multiple lists by category or in the “Recommended” and “Buy”. As a developer share your app if it is not universal and is only for Apple TV? I hope that this situation will change soon.

This is a really big minus for developers and for the development of the new platform tvOS as a whole.

3. To access Siri access Home sharing and Apple Music

It’s more like a quibble than a serious problem, but it is very strange that Siri can’t search for information within a Home sharing or Apple Music. The voice assistant feature is useful primarily with video search. The problem with Home sharing are clear: Siri can’t search for files on your computer without knowing their names. This is due to the privacy of your personal information.

Despite this, there are rumors about the appearance of support for voice control Apple Music early next year. Let’s hope that Siri will be integrated into Home sharing of media content and will receive full support of the Russian language.

4. For multiplayer accounts Game Center

On tvOS have a bunch of great games, and their number will grow rapidly. But today there is no possibility simultaneously to use the accounts for multiple players, for example, when playing with friends on one device or each family member separately develops his game progress.

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The Microsoft Xbox is a perfect example of this. In multiplayer games, each user can log into your account using the service Xbox Live Gold. This greatly simplifies the process of tracking attainment and progress in games regardless of the location of your friends.

It would be great if Apple implements support for multiple Apple ID for Game Center.

5. Function “picture-in-picture” for third-party applications

Apple TV available for many popular streaming services. But the user may decide to use the console in multitasking, for example, while watching sports broadcasts.

Mode “picture-in-picture” appeared on the iPad with the arrival of iOS 9. Thus, in the case of Apple TV you don’t have to worry about the battery level when using this function, as the console is permanently connected to the mains supply. Perhaps Apple just didn’t have enough time to implement this option, and a “picture-in-picture” appears in one of the following editions of tvOS.

6. Allow access to the microphone on the remote control

Smule”s Sing! — one of the best apps for Apple TV. Karaoke on your set-top box is a great way to have fun, but built into the remote microphone can only be used during voice control. And connect to TV external microphone — not the most convenient way.
There is nothing surprising in the use of the device only for voice commands, but the built-in microphone could be a nice tool in the Arsenal of entertainment features tvOS.

And what opportunities would you like to see in Apple TV? Share your opinion in the comments.

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